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Fri, Sep. 23rd, 2005, 02:12 am
mikeprime: *blinkblink.....Thud*

Since it's been so quiet, I'll stop lurkng a post a moment that while it made me red in the face, amused my friends greatly

I was hanging out with some friends one night at a teahouse in the area. Now this Teahouse, called the Witch's Brew, is a bit dark and gothic in style...not so much black and red, but old and quiet. Anyhow, as my friends and I walk in, this woman walks out, stops, looks at me and comments "Silver wings eh? Cool" . Now, I'm not used to random people complementing parts of me that are currently only astral,so I turned around to get a better look at this person. Alas, my legs didn't stop moving, and I went *thud* Into the door. When I told this to my friends, they were highly bemused. :P

- Corin

Thu, Sep. 15th, 2005, 07:23 pm
wolph: heylas!

heylas! this seems to be a nice amusing community to join ^_^.
is it me or are otherkin all serious!(no offence or anythiny)^^;;;;

anyway! i'm kiwi a rather insane lupogryphon (wolf/bird).
i've been mistaken for a dog,a fruit,a demented bird and a lion....go figure :D.

Sun, Sep. 19th, 2004, 10:51 pm
kalagni: Like Death's Skin

Well, hasn't been active here, but I might as well toss out some humour.

I don't know if you believe that Kin can Sense or Detect other Otherkin, but I do, as do most of my friends. Anyways, I was on the subway with a Vamp friend of mine, and we both felt this oddity as this girl came and sat across from us. So he asks me "What do you get from her?" So, with the way the usually I sense, I reach my hand out towards her, and sorta sense through it. I say everything as it comes to mind "I get a chill, very cold, and damp." At this point, being the genius I am, I realize I'm holding a Frostee/Slushee, so put it down, and had to start over :-p

Wed, Jul. 21st, 2004, 04:44 pm
blueeyesblazing: Hello

Hello, everyone. I'm a new member. I joined this list because it seems to have a supportive bent w/o taking itself too seriously or being fluffy.

I've only had a few kin related mishaps, I suppose. There have been times where I walk around something that "isn't there" and get funny looks. As for my awakenning, I thought I was an elf for a long time. As I slowly uncovered memories and put 2 and 2 together, I found out that I am a shifter that lived amung and as an elf in that period of my life.

I suppose that's about all I have to say. Have a good one.

Wed, Mar. 10th, 2004, 01:40 am
redkitewind: Hi!

For an otherkin there are many new ways to find yourself in embarressing misunderstandings or situations. It can take the edge off of it to share with others who understand, and if you arent 'out' at home or with your friends, it can feel like you are about to burst to share these giggley or blushy moments with someone else.

So come here! Maybe someone else has had the exact same or similar experience [who here hasn't sat on their wings (or tails!), jumped up, or expressed their discomfort in some way only to get odd looks!?] or just wants to give you a cuddle and giggle with you to remind you to lighten up and enjoy all of life, even if you find yourself trapped in a human form.